What to do When You’re Hit by a Truck

Automobile accidents are very scary situations, especially those involving large trucks. It’s easier to know how to react in a difficult situation if you prepare yourself ahead of time. It may be difficult to think clearly in the aftermath of an automobile accident, there are a few crucial things you should keep in mind to protect yourself and others involved.

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Federal DOT Regulations Changes Hours of Service

A recent ruling by the Federal Department of Transportation has changed the rules and regulations regarding truck drivers and drivers of passenger vehicles. These rules are going to affect truck drivers in Ohio, and other states. The rules are different for trucks hauling goods or driving passengers, but both sets of rules aim to restrict the amount of time that drivers are on the road, and ensure that they are well rested. Driving while tired is incredibly dangerous, and these rules aim to reduce fatal accidents for long-haul drivers. By ensuring that drivers are given sufficient breaks for rest and recovery, they are able to perform well at their job and decrease potential accidents. This is the claim being made by the Department of Transportation, the regulatory body that oversees the truck driving industry.

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How to Know if a Trucking Company was Negligent with Maintenance

Any time an automobile that weighs up to 80,000 lbs is utilizing mountain roads in OHIO, it is necessary that the brakes along with other equipment to work properly. Often times, though, trucking companies focus more on their delivery schedules instead of ensuring that their trucks are properly maintained.

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Top 10 Driving Mistakes that Cause Collisions in Ohio

For those who live in most cities and rural areas of Ohio, owning a car and driving is a must. But what mistakes are drivers making that are causing collisions?

Even if it’s small scrapes that are the culprit, what can drivers do to curb the chances of an accident?

These are Ohio drivers’ 10 worst driving habits. Avoid them at all costs!

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