5 Biggest Reasons for Truck Accidents

Although trucking is an important job in the United States, truck accidents tend to cause more damage and injury when compared to a general vehicle accident. Due simply to their weight and size, trucks pose a risk of injury and death to drivers. However, there are ways to avoid truck accidents. The best way to avoid a truck accident is to learn the most common reasons for why they occur in the first place. Listed below are 5 of the biggest reasons for the cause of truck accidents. Read more

How Can Self-Driving Trucks Affect Liability?

Right now, the commercial trucks on American highways are operated by human beings. In the coming years, however, a shift may start occurring where the vehicles are driving themselves. There have already been experiments run by several companies where self-driving trucks took shipments through a typical trucking route. While some scientists are claiming that a computer could never replace a trucker in full, many drivers are understandably nervous. Read more

How to Know if You’re in a Truck Driver’s Blind Spot

You often see trucks on your daily commute. Since trucks are higher than most vehicles, people assume that the driver can see them. However, trucks have dangerous blind spots that may lead to an accident. Since trucking accidents are known to be far more dangerous than a typical car accident, you want to make sure you know some areas where a trucker may not be able to see you. We’ve listed some of the more common blind spots below so you can exercise safety on the road.  Read more

What to do if You Are in an Accident With an Uninsured Truck Driver

Truck accidents typically lead to more severe injuries and damages than a car crash. When you experience a collision with a semi-truck, you may find yourself faced with lost wages, higher medical bills, along with pain and suffering typical of road accidents. While many truckers on the road are covered by a trucking company’s insurance, there are still a few truckers who are uninsured. What do you do when you get in an accident with an uninsured truck driver? Read more

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