Top 3 Reasons Why Trucks Shouldn’t Drive in the Left Lane

You can expect to see a few commercial trucks and 18-wheelers when you merge onto the interstate for your commute. What you should not expect to see is one of these vehicles occupying the middle or the left lane (the fast lane). These are large vehicles and the seemingly simple task of switching lanes can put many drivers in the line of danger. One of the worst things a truck driver can do is switch lanes regularly or linger in the fast lane too long or at all. Read more

Are Truck Driver Screening Regulations Too Lenient?

Since the early 60s and 70s, truck driving has been a popular occupation for Americans. The relative simplicity of the job and seemingly relaxed standards made it a go-to option for those who didn’t mind spending hours — even days — on the road. These same qualifications are now being scrutinized as truck driver fatalities have risen 11.2 percent in the past 5 years. Are truck driving regulations too low? Follow us as we take a look at the current truck driver screening process. Read more

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