Electric Trucks Are On The Horizon

While Tesla sports cars have become an attractive poster child for electric cars, other vehicle manufacturers have quietly implemented electric treatments in vehicle categories that you might not expect. These include cargo haulers, school buses, drayage vehicles, and garbage trucks. While these efforts are less publicized, the production of medium and heavy-duty electric vehicles is increasing across the board. Read more

Uber Launches Truck Freight App

The recent launch of Uber Freight corroborated claims made by CEO Travis Kalanick that their goal was to “[reinvent] transportation.”

This innovative service is the newest offshoot of Uber—with the objective of eliminating the middleman and linking shippers with truckers. The new app lists all routes and jobs available for the driver. The driver can also see the contents of the load and the compensation for the haul. Once they arrive and deliver the contents of the load, they can reopen the app and find their next job. Read more

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