4 Truck Driving Tips for Long Haul Truckers

Driving a long haul truck is one of the most prominent professions in the United States which also has the reputation of being quite dangerous. According to recent studies, over 100,000 injuries and 300,000 accidents involving long haul and large trucks occurred in 2012. Such statistics have led to Time Magazine listing long-haul trucking as one of the riskiest jobs of 2014, firmly securing the number eight spot. With that in mind, truckers should make an effort to observe a few safe driving tips that can keep their commutes accident free. Read more

3 Highway Safety Measures Truck Drivers Should Consider

Any truck accident has the potential of causing severe injuries and even death in the most traumatic incidents. At the very least, the damage to the vehicles in the vicinity of the truck is likely to be extensive.  A truck driver can significantly reduce the likelihood of any truck accident occurring by taking three simple steps. Here are 3 highway safety measures all truck drivers should consider. Read more

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