How Commercial Trucking Laws can Affect Your Accident Claim

When becoming a commercial trucker, there are particular laws that you are required to follow, but as trucking employers also have many federal regulations that they must abide by as well. Most commercial trucks carry heavy loads, and the trucks themselves weigh tons. Therefore, any accident involving one of these vehicles can be potentially life-threatening.

However, not all commercial truck accidents are the driver’s fault. If you are a truck driver and were injured in a crash, it is ideal to hire an attorney. Several parties could be held liable for your accident, and lawyers can help you discover who those individuals are to help you retrieve fair compensation.
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How to Drive When Traffic Lights Don’t Work

Many people do not know what to do at an intersection with outed traffic lights. Some say to treat it as a four-way stop, but is there a law about that? Technically, no law dictates how to handle this situation. Therefore, if you are involved in an accident during this type of situation, who is the person at fault according to the law?

Experts have stated that it is the safest option to treat the intersection as a four-way stop, but, whenever traffic lights are not working, the intersection can become dangerous if everyone doesn’t act cautiously. Read more

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