October 9, 2017 steve

3 Highway Safety Measures Truck Drivers Should Consider

Any truck accident has the potential of causing severe injuries and even death in the most traumatic incidents. At the very least, the damage to the vehicles in the vicinity of the truck is likely to be extensive.  A truck driver can significantly reduce the likelihood of any truck accident occurring by taking three simple steps. Here are 3 highway safety measures all truck drivers should consider.

Remain Alert at All Times

While all vehicle operators should remain alert at all times, truck drivers can find themselves becoming easily distracted. One reason why truck accidents happen is as a result of driver fatigue. One can connect this to fulfilling tight delivery schedules and long hours on the road. Getting the proper amount of rest can help truck drivers stay alert at all times.

Avoid Tailgating

That rush to make a delivery can cause some truck drivers to ignore speed limits, which can lead to them tailgating others. This is something that can be incredibly dangerous because a sudden stop by the leading vehicle can make a collision virtually unavoidable. It can also end up causing a multi-car pileup, which can have devastating consequences.

Keep Track of the Weather

Even truck drivers who abide by road rules can find themselves at the mercy of Mother Nature. It’s essential that all truck drivers know that proper preparation can help avoid a disaster. One of the easiest things they can do is check the weather report before hitting the highway. A forecast of inclement weather later in the day can push truckers to start their commute earlier to make up the time he’ll potentially spend in traffic.

Truck drivers have the responsibility to operate their big rigs with the safety of others in mind. When they fail to do so, not only do the jeopardize their safety but the safety of all other commuters as well. Reckless and distracted driving on behalf of the truck driver increases the possibility of a truck accident occurring.

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