Strategically located at the intersection of two interstate highways, Albany is accustomed to a heavy volume of truck traffic and, unfortunately, accidents involving these large vehicles. The victims of such accidents and their families will almost certainly require financial assistance to compensate for their personal losses, but they will also need proper legal representation to ensure that they are treated fairly under the laws of New York. It is these individuals who need help from an Albany truck accident lawyer.
Although trucks generally have lower accident rates than automobiles, their size and weight make them particularly hazardous to smaller vehicles in the event of a crash. Additionally, truck wrecks are often more complex than other types of traffic accidents. Understandably, truck accident lawsuits may involve more facts than those arising from other claims. An experienced truck accident attorney knows how to wade through the facts of an accident in order to determine both its cause and who is culpable for damages.

Designed to enhance safety, various state and federal laws have been established to regulate both drivers and their vehicles. These rules stipulate such issues as weight distribution, driver time limits, required safety features and the types of inspections that must be performed on the vehicles. With regard to inspections, large trucks must be completely checked before every trip, the inspection including an examination of its engine and axles. A driver who does not conduct such an inspection could be liable for damages in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, such rules are not always followed, and even the most stringent regulations will not prevent every accident.

In the event of a truck accident, the victims and their families need to take certain steps so to guarantee that their rights are protected. They should first seek medical attention for anyone who has been physically harmed, keeping in mind that even a minor injury may have serious consequences if left untreated. Additionally, the victims should seek the services of an experienced truck accident attorney.

Personal injury attorneys understand how existing laws can be used in any legal action stemming from an accident. They are also familiar with the legal tactics of trucking companies and their insurance providers. A lawyer will study every aspect of the case for the purpose of reaching the best possible outcome. After a truck accident in or around Albany, it is the personal injury lawyer who can help victims obtain the justice that they deserve.

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