When you’re sharing the road with trucks of all sizes and things are going well, you’re barely aware that they’re even there. But when an accident happens with one, you’re more than aware of that truck’s presence. The results can be catastrophic. Your vehicle could be severely damaged. It could even be totaled. And never mind your vehicle’s health. How about the condition of yourself and whomever else was riding in it? “Cars are easier to fix than people” isn’t just a saying, it’s an unfortunate truth. Serious, permanent, and long-term injuries can be the fate of people unfortunate enough to be part of a car/truck encounter. And in some tragic mishaps, fatalities are the result.

Professional truck drivers have the reputation of being well-trained vehicle operators who are often victimized by careless car drivers on the road. And while it’s true that delivery and semi-truck driving is more involved than handling that little compact, that doesn’t mean that these drivers are never at fault in an accident. Professional truck drivers can be at fault in a vehicle accident for all of the same reasons that a car driver is, plus a couple of unique ones caused by driving a large truck. And as well-regulated as truck driving industries are, the truth is that a few bad apples always seem to slip through the cracks and behind the wheel of large trucks.

Because of all of this, you might think that the owners of large trucks have them well-insured in case of mishap, and indeed, they do. However, that insurance is intended to protect anyone covered under that policy. For anyone with a claim who is not, great effort is made to avoid making compensation. Even independent accident investigators and law enforcement officials approach auto/truck accidents in Allentown, Pennsylvania with biases and automatic assumptions. In many of these cases, without extensive investigation, the auto driver is found to have contributed to the accident, or to be the party at fault.

Because the circumstances surrounding auto/truck accidents are far from straightforward, and because of the assumptions favoring truck drivers, auto operators involved in one are well-advised to contact a truck accident attorney in Allentown. These lawyers assist clients with the filing of claims and other paperwork, site investigation, witness interviews, and much more. Rather than get bogged down in insurance red tape, a truck accident attorney can help clients get funds for medical expenses, lost wages, and much more.

Yes, trucks are everywhere, and auto drivers must share the road with them. And knowing the lawyers to call in times of trouble means that they can do so with a great deal more confidence.

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