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Uber Launches Truck Freight App

The recent launch of Uber Freight corroborated claims made by CEO Travis Kalanick that their goal was to “[reinvent] transportation.”

This innovative service is the newest offshoot of Uber—with the objective of eliminating the middleman and linking shippers with truckers. The new app lists all routes and jobs available for the driver. The driver can also see the contents of the load and the compensation for the haul. Once they arrive and deliver the contents of the load, they can reopen the app and find their next job. Read more

Top 5 Statistically Most Dangerous Roadways

Being a truck driver is always going to be considered a dangerous job due to the high possibility of accidents and fatalities. However, there are some stretches of road that are far more dangerous than others. Whether it be due to other drivers and traffic congestion or simply due to the condition or location of the road, these roads are statistically more dangerous to commute on. In the spirit of keeping you safe on the road, here are five of the most dangerous roads in America. Read more

Navistar Recalls International Trucks

At the end of March 2017, the truck manufacturer, Navistar, announced that it would have to recall over 2,700 of its International trucks. This is due to a problem with the air dryer mounting bracket, which was found to be weak and at an increased risk of breakage. This could lead to the air dryer pulling away from the truck frame and cause further leaks in the truck’s air system This includes a possible loss of pressure in the air brakes and a subsequently increased risk of crashes.
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False ELD Certifications Raise Questions

ELD, or electronic logging devices, are used to do just that, log. They keep track of the miles driven, hours of operation, and various other details of a truck driver’s commute. These devices are checked by supervisors as a way to keep track of a particular driver’s commute statistics. The information acquired can be used to reprimand a trucker for disobeying driving regulations or put toward statistics that analyze truck driver commutes. Read more

The Most Frequent Truck Driver Violations

Many Oklahoma-based motorists often encounter a sense of discomfort when they pass near 18-wheeler trailers. Trucks and trailers are much heavier and longer than any other passenger vehicle. For this reason, any collision with such trailers can lead to fatal or serious injuries to the small vehicle occupant. Read more

How Accurate are Truck Simulators?

Vehicle simulators, in general, have been considered an ideal way to replicate the experience of actually operating the vehicle. There are simulators available for just about any motor vehicle: from racecars to jet planes. Many simulators are so accurate that they have been used in court to reenact specific situations. This technology allows an everyday person and experts alike to get a first-hand experience operating a vehicle that they may otherwise never be able to. Read more

Is Dealing With Trucking Company Insurance Different from Regular Insurance?

Commercial vehicle insurance is a specialized type of insurance protection designed to provide comprehensive liability coverage for businesses. In most states, business operators who use personal vehicles for company purposes must also carry commercial vehicle insurance because personal auto policies do not cover accidents that occur while conducting business duties. The insurance covers employees as well as company owners or management officials and offers extended amounts of coverage, depending on the type of policy chosen by the business manager. Accidents that occur while conducting business can often result in extensive financial damages by exposing the business to liability beyond standard accident injury compensatory claims, such as a shipping company being sued as an additional respondent in an owner-operator truck accident. Read more

Finding Out if You Need New Tires for Your Truck

Commercial vehicle maintenance is usually not a subject matter that people take care of constantly. In many case, they wait until the moment in which the vehicle becomes damaged to fix it. This is the same case with tires; a worn out set of tires can put them and fellow commuters in danger. Knowing the life expectancy of your vehicle’s tires are can be very difficult. This article will give you a pretty good idea of how to know when you need to replace those tires. Read more

What to do After a Truck Hit-and-Run?

A truck accident can be one of the most traumatizing experiences you ever go through. These immense commercial vehicles and semi trucks carry heavy loads that can range from logs to hazardous waste. The feeling of being struck by a truck is like no other. The sheer power of the vehicle can put you into a state of shock, leaving you feeling helpless. As if being struck by a truck wasn’t bad enough, the truck driver decides to drive off rather than wait for the authorities to come. This leaves you with a severely battered vehicle, injuries, and alone. To help you through this tough time, we have outlined the steps you should take following a truck hit-and-run. Read more

Top 3 Reasons Why Trucks Shouldn’t Drive in the Left Lane

You can expect to see a few commercial trucks and 18-wheelers when you merge onto the interstate for your commute. What you should not expect to see is one of these vehicles occupying the middle or the left lane (the fast lane). These are large vehicles and the seemingly simple task of switching lanes can put many drivers in the line of danger. One of the worst things a truck driver can do is switch lanes regularly or linger in the fast lane too long or at all. Read more

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