Due to their large size, tractor trailers present a significant risk to other vehicles on the road. Even the largest SUV is dwarfed in size and weight by a even a standard size semi-truck. When tractor trailers have collisions with other vehicles, the results are dramatic and often tragic. Whether a a truck accident results in serious injury, property damage or a combination of the two, there can be significant consequences for the injured party.

When an accident occurs with a tractor-trailer, the causes of the accident may not be obvious to an untrained person. As large trucks do not respond to driver inputs as quickly as smaller vehicles, they need to be driven more cautiously. For example, a proper following distance for a large truck is longer than for passenger sedan. In the event of a rear end collision, the fault for the accident may lie in the truck driver following too closely. Truck brake failure is another common reason for accidents. However, the brake failure may be due to a driver neglecting to make mandated safety checks before starting out on the road. If safety checks were not made or safety issues not addressed, negligence may be a contributing factor to the cause of the accident. While trucking companies and insurance negotiators may try to hide these facts from a person impacted by an accident, an experienced accident attorney can help to uncover the truth.

Though tractor-trailers are found on roads across the country, they are especially common in the Buffalo, NY, area. As one of the major ports for products moving between Canada and the United States, Buffalo has large numbers of 18 wheelers travelling the area’s Interstates, highways and streets. The sheer number of trucks leads to frequent tractor-trailer accidents between the trucks and other vehicles. Buffalo’s inclement weather, including snowfall and frozen road surfaces further contributes to the number of semi-truck wrecks in the area. If a person becomes involved in an truck related accident, he or she should be careful to not enter into negotiations with the truck company alone. The person involved in the wreck needs the services of a truck accident lawyer who will help them to get the fair settlement that they deserve.

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