A car accident can be a life altering event. A person involved in a car accident can face serious medical consequences and even permanent disabilities. It’s essential that a victim of a crash understands some of the legal essentials associated with personal injury law in Cleveland.

Types of Compensation

A person injured in an automobile accident potentially is entitled to compensation for different types of losses. Medical expenses represent one such area in which a person may be entitled to compensation in the aftermath of an automobile accident. This includes current and future medical expenses.

Lost wages represent another type of compensation for which a person may be entitled following a car accident. As is the case with medical expenses, a person may be able to obtain compensation for both current and future lost wages.

A person typically is compensated for pain and suffering in the aftermath of a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver. Yet again, this can include not only currently experienced pain and suffering but also pain and suffering that a person is reasonably expected to experience into the future.

If the conduct of the driver that caused the automobile accident is particularly egregious, the injured person may be able to obtain punitive damages. Punitive damages represent another type of compensation above and beyond the actual losses discussed a moment ago. Punitive damages are designed to provide a sort of punishment to a particularly reckless motorist.

Statute of Limitations

Ohio law establishes a specific period of time by which a lawsuit must be filed in a car accident case. This is called the statute of limitations. The failure to file a lawsuit within this time period can preclude a person from ever obtaining necessary compensation.

Retaining Legal Counsel

Personal injury law and car accident cases represent challenging legal matters. It’s important to be proactive in retaining legal representation if you are a person injured in a car accident.

A Cleveland car accident attorney will schedule an initial consultation with an injured person. Our attorneys do not charge a fee for this initial consultation. During the consultation, an attorney provides an overview of how a settlement and a lawsuit associated with the case at hand might be pursued.

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