Large semi-trucks, also known as tractor-trailers, commercial trucks, 18-wheelers, or commercial rigs, are mammoth vehicles. When a semi-truck is involved in an accident with an automobile, the damage to the car and injuries sustained by the occupants can be severe. Indeed, fatalities are commonplace in semi and automobile accidents, as are injuries that are permanently debilitating. A person injured in a Clifton Park, NY, accident with a semi needs to take a proactive stance in retaining legal representation. The best way an injured person can protect his or her rights and interests in this type of case is to retain a Clifton Park, NY, truck accident attorney immediately following a collision.

Determining fault in a truck accident case is a complicated matter. There are numerous potential parties that may legally bear responsibility for the damages, injuries, and losses a truck accident victim sustains. Compensation in a truck accident personal injury case depends on the circumstances of the situation. With that noted, common types of losses for which compensation is awarded include pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical bills, permanent disability, and lost wages.

Potentially responsible parties include the driver, the owner of the rig, a party that provides truck maintenance, the semi-truck manufacturer, and one or another of the manufacturers of parts that went into the rig. In most cases involving a big rig, multiple parties will be at fault and responsible for an injured person’s losses. As mentioned a moment ago, fatality rates are high in semi-truck accident cases. a Clifton Park, NY, wrongful death lawyer can provide the estate of a deceased family member the representation necessary to ensure justice is served. In New York state, rather than individual family members filing a wrongful death lawsuit, this type of litigation is brought be the estate of the deceased family member. Proceeds from insurance settlement or lawsuit are paid to the estate, and the distributed according to a will, or New York probate laws if there is no will.

Compensation in a big rig accident wrongful death case depends not only on the facts surrounding an accident, but the legal relationship between a living family member and the one who was killed in a collision with a big rig. Examples of compensation in this type of wrongful death case include loss of companionship, loss of consortium, medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, mental anguish, and lost support or income.

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