Most commercial vehicles carry goods or people in return for payment. They can be as large as an 18-wheeler that’s 60 feet long and weighs 80,000 pounds, or they can be as small as a furniture delivery truck weighing in excess of 17,000 pounds. Even school buses are classified as commercial vehicles. Some vehicles are classified as commercial, and they don’t even carry people in return for payment.

Given their size, weight, the speeds that they travel at, and the fact that they often carry passengers, commercial vehicle accidents can result in severe injuries or fatalities. This is especially true when they’re involved in crashes with ordinary family passenger vehicles. Some of the most common causes of commercial vehicle crashes involve:

  • Driver error like distracted driving or following too closely
  • Equipment issues that involve brakes and tires
  • Weather conditions that involve visibility and stopping distance
  • Load shifts resulting in jackknifing or rolling over
  • Unsafe lane changes involving large blind spots

Commercial vehicle accidents are governed by a set of rules that differ from traditional passenger car accidents. Operators of these vehicles are often in violation of state and federal laws and regulations. Liability issues can focus on knowledge of those laws, special technology and industry practices. It takes special skills to uncover exactly what happened in a commercial vehicle accident. Most lawyers who hold themselves out as personal injury lawyers lack those skills and the resources necessary to reveal exactly what happened.

Our law firm is highly respected by judges, insurance defense lawyers and most importantly, the jurors that hear these types of cases. We’ve earned that respect through continued success after success. Injured victims and the family members of those who were killed by careless and negligent commercial vehicle operators deserve fair and just compensation.

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