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How Commercial Trucking Laws can Affect Your Accident Claim

When becoming a commercial trucker, there are particular laws that you are required to follow, but as trucking employers also have many federal regulations that they must abide by as well. Most commercial trucks carry heavy loads, and the trucks themselves weigh tons. Therefore, any accident involving one of these vehicles can be potentially life-threatening.

However, not all commercial truck accidents are the driver’s fault. If you are a truck driver and were injured in a crash, it is ideal to hire an attorney. Several parties could be held liable for your accident, and lawyers can help you discover who those individuals are to help you retrieve fair compensation.

Reasons to Know Employer Responsibilities and Commercial Truck Regulations

Knowing truck regulations and responsibilities can help you solidify your claim if you sustain an injury in a commercial truck accident. Often times these types of cases are easy to resolve, but they can be difficult, depending on whether the driver or company followed all their state expectations. However, if you can prove that the trucker or their employer did not, you’ll be more likely to successfully recover damages.

Commercial Truck Employer Laws

Below are four things that a trucking company needs to do and know before allowing a driver on the road:

  • If the employee has multiple driving licenses.
  • If the trucker has been disqualified from being a commercial driver.
  • If that driver has had their license canceled, revoked, or suspended.
  • If their truck driver has lost their right to operate a commercial vehicle in any state.

Before hiring a truck driver, commercial truck drivers must also confirm their truckers’ driving records with the proper authorities by:

  • Requesting occurrence-based reports on each driver for any changes in their driving status based on the driver record notification system.
  • Contracting the appropriate state agency to make sure that their drivers hold a valid commercial vehicle license. They should do so annually.

By doing these things, commercial trucking employers can ensure that their drivers are eligible to drive in the United States and do not pose a risk to other commuters.

If you are injured in a commercial trucking accident, you should contact an accident lawyer immediately to make sure that your case is handled correctly. They can help determine liability and ensure that you get the compensation entitled to you by law. Truck Wreck Lawyers has the legal resources to link you with a local commercial truck accident attorney today. Take the first step by contacting us for a free case evaluation.

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