Trucks, semi-trucks, trailers, and 18-wheelers are quite heavier than the normal sedan or sporty utility vehicles. These heavy vehicles are capable of causing massive losses if it is involved in an accident especially with smaller automobiles. Truck accidents are usually quite expensive and severe. However, in spite of the level of damages incurred during a vehicle accident, the injured should contact a capable vehicle accident advocate to represent him while seeking settlement claims.

Truck accident lawsuits require the direction of an experienced attorney. Preferably one who is aware of the complex matters involved in settlement cases, and is informed of the tricks insurance companies use in an attempt to lower the compensation payable to the injured. While solving truck accidents, the attorney should assess the amount of time the driver was driving. He must also consider the mass of the vehicle and how the burden was distributed.

A variety of state and federal laws are used to regulate trucking organizations, truck drivers, and insurers. The state of Ohio follows the comparative negligence laws. These rules stipulate that the injured is always eligible to receive compensation from the driver. However, the injured must prove that the driver was more at fault than he was during the accident. Moreover, the compensation payable to the injured is reduced by an amount attributed to the percentage of fault associated with the claimant’s actions. In the event the claimant is more than 50 percent at fault for the accident, he may not receive any compensation. Competent lawyers sort through the required facts and relevant laws to establish a strong claim.

A vehicle must always be examined before every trip. The inspection must review working conditions of the following vehicle components:

1. Top and bottom lights and reflectors
2. All car mirrors and windows
3. The vehicle’s engine in its entirety
4. The driver and trailer axles and other gears

Laws in Ohio consider a negligent driver during the car inspection to be at fault. Moreover, he may be regarded as liable for any losses encountered. Competent advocates must understand the process of truck examination and how it can impact on the claimant’s lawsuit.

In Ohio, statutes of limitations regulate how much time appellants must file their claim. The statutes direct that appellants have two years to file personal injury lawsuits and any charges to recover compensation for assets lost. If you’ve been in a truck accident in Erie, Pennsylvania it is always imperative to contact an able truck accident lawyer shortly after an accident.

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