One of the most confusing experiences you’ve ever faced was being a victim in a truck accident. As soon as it happened, you were shocked, but relieved that you made it through. However, now that it’s over, you have so many questions and you need answers. Whether your questions involve lawyers for truck accidents, how to sue for truck accidents or what to do after truck accidents, you’re in the right place to find the answers you need.

This is our Frequently Asked Questions page on our site, and we’ve reserved it as a place for you to find answers to all of the questions that are likely to come to your mind during the next few weeks or months. Hopefully, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here.

What should you do after a truck accident?

Once you’re in a car accident, the first thing you should do is check yourself and any passengers in your car for any injuries. This should be a very quick check. After that, call 911 and inform them of what happened. If the accident happened on a busy roadway, it’s possible that they have already been contacted by a witness who saw the accident take place. The police and EMTs will arrive on the scene very quickly because truck accidents are usually very serious. The police officer will talk to you about what happened and the EMTs will check you over for any physical injuries. Then, depending on what they decide, you will be directed to go to the hospital in their ambulance or follow up on your own. Make sure you also get contact information for the truck driver and his employer or the company he’s driving for.

Should I contact my insurance company?

You do need to contact your own insurance company after you’ve been in a trucking accident. However, when you call them, make sure you tell them that the accident was not caused by something you did wrong. You need to make it clear to them that the accident wasn’t your fault. They will ask you for more information and they may ask you to send them pictures of the damage to your car. Be cooperative with them. Their assistance might be very beneficial to you later on as you proceed with your truck accident case.

Can you sue for truck accidents?

Yes, you absolutely can sue for truck accidents. Whether or not you will be able to sue for your truck accident will depend on a variety of factors, and because every accident is different, it’s impossible to offer advice here. The best way to find out what you need to know about your particular case is by talking with a lawyer who can assist you.

Whom do you sue if you’re in a truck accident? The driver or the driver’s company?

This is a good question, and it’s one that has a variety of answers. Sometimes you can only sue the driver, sometimes you can only sue the driver’s company. However, sometimes it’s possible and even advised to sue both. Whom you sue is going to depend on where the burden of negligence lies. If the driver did something wrong, but the company did not, you would sue the driver. If the company was negligent in some way (such as overloading the truck, providing faulty equipment, etc.) but the driver was not, you would sue the company. In many cases, both the company and the driver can be considered to be at fault for causing truck accidents.

How do you find a lawyer for truck accidents?

The best way to find a lawyer for your truck accident is by contacting us. We can provide you with access to a truck accident lawyer who has extensive experience in this area of the law. He will be able to provide you with the information you need for your case. He will also fight hard for you to work toward getting you a fair settlement for your injuries and damages.

Please contact us if you’d like to be put in touch with a truck accident lawyer who can help you.

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