Accidents involving trucks such as eighteen-wheelers and tractor-trailer trucks can easily involve enormous amounts of damage because of their weight in comparison to passenger cars. As such, claims for accidents between small vehicles lack various additional legal and physical considerations that apply to truck accident claims. Even if someone involved in a truck accident in Jamestown, New York is not as severely injured as he or she could have been, a local attorney that specializes in truck accidents will be needed to represent and defend that person’s rights nonetheless because of the need to factor in New York state laws that pertain to trucks.

A truck accident attorney consulting a case in New York-based cities will weigh New York state trucking laws against the facts of the case in order to single out the most pertinent facts that can help build the claim on behalf of a client. For example, the attorney can investigate factors such as whether the way the vehicle’s overall weight was distributed contributed to the cause and the outcome of the accident. Likewise, there may be regulations defining a cap on how many hours a truck driver is allowed to drive on a given day or throughout a given week. A specialized attorney can investigate the facts of the case to determine how many hours the truck driver had been driving before the incident occurred and potentially use that as evidence on the client’s behalf.

Another factor that a truck accident attorney will investigate is whether the truck’s driver failed to perform a satisfactory inspection of his vehicle before he began driving it. Prior to any given trip, the driver of the truck is required to ensure that everything about the vehicle’s critical axles, engine, windows, mirrors, reflectors, and lights is in proper working order. If the attorney is able to find that the driver of the truck had neglected to carry out any of these duties, said driver may face liability for the damages inflicted.

A truck accident lawsuit’s need for an attorney well versed in trucking laws cannot be overstated. If a motorist has been involved in an accident with a truck in Jamestown, New York, his or her most pertinent course of action would be to enlist a truck accident attorney that is based in Jamestown and is capable of engaging the insurance company that the trucking company uses. We can help, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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