Hurt in a Tractor-Trailer Accident? Learn Your Rights in Long Beach


Tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, and 18-wheelers are a whole lot bigger and heavier than a typical family car or even a larger sports utility vehicle. Because of this, when this type of truck is involved in an accident with a typical automobile, the resulting damage can be massive. A tractor-trailer accident often results in serious and costly injuries and damages. No matter the extent of your injuries, a reliable truck accident lawyer is important to hire to protect your rights in New York.

When a truck accident occurs, special analysis of the scene must be performed because of certain factors that aren’t seen with other claims. An experienced attorney will look at the amount of hours the truck driver was on the road, throughout the week leading up to the day of the accident and the actual day itself. The weight of the truck and how it was distributed will also be examined. They will sort through any facts that are relevant to the case as well as applicable laws that will help settle the claim.

There are specific state and federal laws and regulations that apply to truckers, trucking companies, and insurance providers. For example, truck drivers are typically allowed to drive between ten and 15 hours at a time. All trucks must be inspected before they make any trip, which should always include mirrors, windows, and bottom and top reflectors and lights. The entire engine compartment of the truck should also be inspected. Additionally, the trailer and drive axle should be looked at by the driver before any trip, short or long.

If the attorney finds that the truck driver did not inspect his or her truck before driving, they may be held liable for the damages caused by the accident. An experienced lawyer will recognize what procedures should have been taken to ensure the truck was safe to drive and will use this information in a truck accident claim. They completely understand the different truck regulations and laws and how they will apply to a lawsuit. Truck accident attorneys use their experience in dealing with insurance and trucking companies to settle a lawsuit fairly and quickly.

It’s important to seek complete medical attention when you or a loved one is injured in a truck accident. An experienced truck accident lawyer should be contacted right away to handle any case in Long Beach, New York. They understand the various laws and can help their clients get the settlement they deserve.

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