You need a Lorain, Ohio truck accident attorney to help you if you have been in an accident with a semi-truck or tractor trailer. Such vehicles are capable of causing 10 times the damage that comes when regular vehicles get into accidents. You should not avoid contacting an attorney if you are an accident victim. A personal injury attorney can protect your rights by aggressively pursuing the funds that you deserve. The attorney can help you recover the funds that you rightfully deserve to collect. He or she can help you to retrieve compensatory damages as well as punitive damages. An attorney can consult with you even if you do not think you are eligible to receive such compensation.

Evaluating the Case

Truck accidents must be thoroughly assessed by a professional attorney. The attorney will assess various factors in the case such as the driver’s blood alcohol level, the number of hours that he or she was on the road before the accident ended and whether or not the driver violated traffic laws. The attorney will scan the case for an element of neglect, which will put you in the game for compensation. Neglect occurs any time a person or entity does something that is not in the best interest of another person.

Technically, a truck driver should not operate the truck for more than 15 hours without getting adequate rest. The laws in the state allow the drivers to drive for 15 straight hours at most. Any driver who goes beyond the typical 15 hours without stopping may be guilty of neglect. An employer that sends a driver on a mission that is longer than 15 hours might end up being accused of neglect, as well.

The truck manufacturer can be responsible for an accident by failing to fix a truck that has a defect. Many factors can play a role when it comes to your accident, which is why you need a an experienced specialist to collect information on the matter and then weigh all the factors that pertain to it.

The Compensation Process

The process starts when you call the attorney and schedule a consultation. The attorney will bring you in and talk to you about the incident. He or she will then notify you of the chance that you can obtain compensation. You can request further representation at that time. That attorney will first try to seek an out-of-court settlement. An out-of-court settlement will provide you with a lump sum distribution quickly to make your life easier. Your Lorain personal injury attorney will fight aggressively for your rights if the negotiations are unsuccessful. You can schedule an appointment today by calling or completing an online form.

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