An accident involving a big rig, 18-wheeler, or other large truck is one of the most terrifying experiences imaginable. The sheer size and mass of these vehicles ensures serious damages, and is far more likely to cause serious injury than an accident involving personal vehicles only. In Mount Vernon, as with elsewhere in the state of New York, loosening regulations mean that such accidents are on the rise.

When an accident involves a semi-truck or other large vehicle, the victims of that accident need the services of a specialized accidental injury lawyer. There are state and federal laws governing the trucking industry, which an experienced accident attorney will know to take into account.

While establishing the facts of their case, a Mount Vernon, NY accident attorney needs to look at such factors as how long the truck driver had been behind the wheel in the twenty-four hours leading up to the accident, as well as over the course of several days prior. Inadequate rest is one of many factors which commonly contributes to a truck-related accident. A poorly rested driver has reduced mental clarity, slower reaction time, and poor environmental awareness. Many drivers compensate for this through the use of caffeine pills or other supplements, which fail to make up the difference in any measurable fashion.

One of the other factors commonly involved in a truck collision is inspection negligence; there are several key areas of a big rig which need to be inspected before each time that it is driven. These include such important and stress-prone parts of the vehicle as its braking system, and its axles. If a driver is found to have skipped his inspection, in whole or in part, before a serious accident, he may be held accountable. Whether or not the cause of the accident was directly related to that inspection, it speaks to a pattern of negligence on the driver’s part.

Often overlooked is the importance of having the services of an accident attorney who knows the landscape of the local legal system. This includes who to talk to, where to file paperwork, and when to file it by. This also includes familiarity with the other individuals, such as judges and attorneys, who will be involved in the case. Wherever a truck accident happens, whether in Mount Vernon or elsewhere, it is important that the attorney who represents the victim be capable of operating smoothly within the local legal system.

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