Commercial trucks are substantially larger and heavier than any other type of motor vehicle on the roads in and around Parma, Ohio. Because of their size, these trucks often cause severe injuries when the trucks are involved in accidents with other vehicles. No matter how severe a person’s injuries might be, it is important that he or she seeks help from a personal injury attorney who has experience representing people injured in truck accidents.

Personal injury claims involving commercial trucks requires a knowledge of the specific types of factors these accidents involve. In many cases, the particular factors are ones that are not seen in other types of personal injury claims. Examples of these include an analysis of the truck driver’s compliance with federal regulations, such as the hours of service rules, the truck’s weight and the distribution of the weight. An attorney will analyze the facts of his or her client’s case, taking the time to review these and other factors.

The allowable hours of driving each day may vary according to the truck’s weight and other characteristics, ranging from between 10 and 15 hours a day. An attorney who regularly accepts truck accident cases may be more familiar with the latest updates in the federal and state regulations. This may help the lawyer to analyze the specific facts of a client’s case in order to build a stronger case.

Before each trip, commercial trucks should be inspected thoroughly. This inspection should include the windows, mirrors, reflectors, lights, tires, engine compartment, drive axle and the trailer axle. If a pre-trip inspection was not performed or if it was performed inadequately, the driver and his or her employer may be held to be liable to pay damages if someone was then injured.

Truck accident attorneys in Parma should follow changes in the regulations and laws governing the industry as well as how those rules apply in personal injury matters. They should also have experience with negotiating with insurance companies and trucking companies in order to help their clients secure the maximum amount possible. People who have been in injured in trucking accidents in Parma or in the surrounding areas of Ohio may want to consult with a truck accident lawyer about their cases.

Immediately following an accident, it is important for you to first get the medical care and treatment you need. Even if you do not believe you have been injured, you should keep in mind that some injuries do not show up for hours or days. Getting immediate medical attention can often help prevent injuries from worsening. After you get a medical examination, you should then schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney who practices in the area of truck accident law.

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