Because a pickup truck weighs much more than a typical passenger vehicle, a collision can produce devastating results on a highway. This is why drivers must learn the basic collision factors and accident situations.


Most collisions happen when inexperienced drivers take road trips down dangerous roads on rainy days. Accidents also occur because some transportation companies don’t develop training programs that have the same level of detail as the courses that are designed for tractor-tractor drivers.

During an accident case that involves a truck driver, a lawyer must gather information about the driver’s motor vehicle experience and qualifications. In some situations, a business’s compliance information may be needed as well.

Rollover Accidents

If a pickup truck collides into a tall suburban vehicle, the passenger car will likely roll upon impact. Maintenance problems can cause rollovers too, such as faulty brakes or defected tires. In these cases, a driver can pursue a product liability case.

Residential Accidents

Since commercial truck drivers have strict schedules, they will commute through residential neighborhoods in order to lower gas expenses. However, parking a pickup truck in some communities isn’t allowed because the municipalities set strict rules. If a truck is left in a spot that’s not safe, the driver will be responsible if an accident occurs.

High-Speed Impacts

When a pickup truck transports heavy equipment, simple tasks become more much challenging. Major accidents usually occur when inexperienced drivers tow bulky equipment at a high speed on a busy freeway.

Liability Considerations

If a leased pickup truck is involved in an accident, specific actions must be taken because the driver and the owner of the company could be responsible. Although negotiations are usually difficult when a company-owned vehicle causes a collision, most people achieve good results by gathering key information.

Most pickup trucks that are used for business purposes have a commercial auto insurance policy. If a vehicle is insured, carefully study the coverage terms.

Employer liability is helpful if an employee was the driver who caused the accident. In this situation, the individual who owns the company or the truck may be responsible.

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