Truck Accident Legal Representation

Truck accidents are not necessarily like standard auto accidents. Commercial vehicles are easily the largest vehicles on the highways and when they crash they can create significant damage and personal injury, often including fatalities. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Board more people will die as the result of a truck accident in one year than will die as a result of an airline crash in all history. This number alone suggests that 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles are easily the most dangerous operators using the roadways, and often when they are involved in a crash settling the case can be complicated. That is also why it takes a truck accident attorney with certain experience and knowledge of truck crashes to investigate any truck collision for full damage potential.


Big rigs and commercial vehicles follow more stringent guidelines regarding inspection for potential safety problems than a typical passenger vehicle. Drivers that fail to perform inspection and repair specific problems can be found negligent beyond any driving decisions that may cause an accident. Investigating a truck accident case will regularly include reviewing the truck operational log, how many hours the driver has been on the road both daily and monthly, and how much diligence has been applied during inspections. This can be very important in states like New York that experience a large amount of traffic that often congests the highways.

Accident Details

The details of a truck accident can matter greatly. These details can include overloaded trucks and shifted loads or any other physical aspects of operation that fail to comply with rules and regulations. Drivers or transportation companies that knowingly transport cargo in excess of the limits or do not operate according to other state and federal laws could be found guilty of gross negligence in an actual trial when a truck accident attorney thinks they can win a punitive damage award from a sympathetic jury. The possibility of punitive damage awards can be very important in a truck accident claim settlement, often serving as solid leverage for a higher settlement in lieu of a trial. Having an experienced commercial vehicle accident attorney can make a major difference when this is a component of a truck accident claim, as full damages could be a potential result when both the driver and the shipping company are held liable.

It is never a good decision to handle a truck accident claim personally because there are many factors that can increase the value of a truck accident injury that the injured claimant may not understand. Always get an attorney with a solid track record of winning results for their clients who are willing to take the case to trial if necessary for full damages recovery. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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