Truck accidents are among the most devastating to occur on New York’s roads and highways. Typically, collisions that involve semi-trucks result in considerably more damage to property and vastly more significant injuries than are normal in accidents between passenger vehicles. If you have been injured in a collision with a big rig, then you need a Rochester, NY truck accident attorney fighting for you.

Semi-trucks are far larger and heavier than any passenger vehicle. This makes them difficult to maneuver. Moreover, they require excessive stopping distance, which makes them incredibly dangerous to other drivers. When a truck is well maintained and the driver is alert and skillful, the chances of being involved in an accident are minimized. However, this ideal is not often seen in the trucking industry.

Although laws and regulations require that drivers perform a full inspection of their equipment each day, it’s not uncommon for some to skip this important step. This means that vital safety issues may not be noticed in time to prevent a catastrophic malfunction. Other big rig drivers are so focused on getting their cargo to its destination on time that they ignore conditions, leading them to drive too fast when common sense dictates slowing down. Still others are operating their semi while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Just as troubling, the punishing and sometimes illegal driving schedules that some trucking companies insist upon means that some drivers aren’t awake or alert enough to operate their equipment safely.

Any of these factors and others may play a role in Rochester, NY truck accidents. Unfortunately, bystanders and drivers or passengers in other vehicles are frequently seriously injured or killed in these collisions. Under the circumstances, it is only sensible to contact a reliable Rochester, NY truck accident attorney.

A New York truck accident lawyer has specific knowledge related to state and federal laws that commercial drivers and trucking companies are required to obey. Additionally, they have extensive experience with the trucking industry as well as solid working relationships with the insurers that protect the interests of trucking companies. All of these skills and abilities combine to make truck accident lawyers the ideal allies when you have been hurt in an accident.

If a semi-truck driver caused damage to your car and injured you in an accident, then you deserve compensation. Contact an aggressive, experienced Rochester, NY truck accident attorney today.

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