As the largest vehicles on the road, tractor-trailers present the greatest injury risk to travelers. These vehicles are capable of causing much more damage than conventional passenger vehicles due to the size of semi-trucks and the load that these trucks pull. Though most truckers do drive safely and responsibly, the pressure to meet deadlines and produce miles also leads many drivers to drive faster and more aggressively than is safe. As any driver who has traveled Interstate 70 in the Springfield area can attest, many truckers routinely exceed the speed limit when traveling through Ohio. A truck driver who is not operating his or her truck a safe manner creates a significant safety hazard as big trucks cannot turn or brake as quickly as smaller vehicles.

When a person is involved in a truck related accident in Springfield, an experienced attorney is needed to determine that proper legal course of action to take in order to obtain the proper amount of compensation that the injured party deserves. What may seem like a simple traffic accident can actually be a case of a negligent truck driver causing an unneeded collision that results in an injury to both property and to other motorists on the highway. The truck driver’s actions that created the unsafe situation may even create a criminal case that the local authorities may want to pursue. For example, the truck may have been exceeding the local speed limit for large vehicles or the truck may have been operated with inadequate safety equipment that could have prevented the accident.

In addition to driver responsibility, a trucking company or even the truck manufacturer may have legal responsibility for an accident. Trucking companies who do not have or do not enforce safety checklists or provide improperly maintained vehicles may share responsibility for an accident with a driver. Truck and trailer manufacturers may also be liable for injuries that were caused due to a design flaw or poor workmanship. In many cases, multiple parties may share the liability for a single truck accident. For example, a truck manufacturer may have produced a vehicle with undersized brake equipment, the trucking company may have sent the vehicle on the road with worn brake components and the driver may have been exceeding the posted speed limit.

With the high number of trucks traveling the interstates, highways, roads and streets of Springfield, Ohio, truck-related accidents are an all too common occurrence. As tractor-trailer collisions and the resulting injuries may not be as simple as they originally seem, those who are injured need the services of an experienced truck accident lawyer who will help them to get the compensation that they deserve.

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