Trucks are capable of creating larger amounts of damage than lighter SUVs and sedans are when they are in an accident. Tractor-trailers, semi-trucks and 18-wheelers can cause a massive amount of damage, and accidents that involve trucks can be extremely costly ad serious. Retaining a dependable Syracuse truck accident attorney is a very important step in protecting and securing the truck driver’s rights.

Truck accident lawyers understand the need to strategically analyze factors in a truck accident lawsuit that are uncommon in other types of claims. The truck attorney must evaluate the hours that the driver was on the road, prior to the accident. The number of hours driven by the driver must be calculated for the day of the accident and the week. The attorney will calculate the weight of the truck and will determine how that weight was distributed in the truck.

The Syracuse truck attorney understands New York state and federal truck driving regulations and laws, and the attorney is knowledgeable in how they each apply to the trucking company, the truck driver and the insurance provider. It is legally permissible for a truck driver to operate their vehicle for 10 to 15 hours, but these numbers are dependent on varying factors. A truck attorney is skilled in sorting through and evaluating each of the relevant facts and the applicable trucking laws that will be required while representing the truck driver and establishing the claim’s validity.

A truck must be thoroughly inspected before every trip, and this includes all mirrors, windows and the bottom and top lights and the reflectors. The entire engine will also be inspected with the trailer and drive axle. When a driver has been negligent in properly completing the pre-trip inspection, he or she may be held responsible for the damages incurred in an accident. An experienced and well-versed attorney is vital, as a Syracuse truck accident attorney will recognize the steps involved in the inspection and their relevance to the accident’s claim.

When properly evaluating and validating a claim, the attorney will understand the relevance of the laws and their application to the lawsuit. The Syracuse, New York truck attorney is experienced with the process and will professionally handle all the interactions that are needed with the involved insurance and trucking companies. The Syracuse truck attorney works tirelessly to achieve an agreeable settlement and to obtain any additional compensation that is due to his clients.

The steps to be taken immediately following a Syracuse trucking accident should include:

1. A complete, professional medical evaluation should be completed. Life threatening injuries may develop if each injury is not immediately acknowledged and treated.
2. Contact a Syracuse truck attorney. The representation of a qualified and experienced truck attorney will give you peace of mind and ensure that your claim is accurately and completely evaluated and secured.

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