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4 Truck Driving Tips for Long Haul Truckers

Driving a long haul truck is one of the most prominent professions in the United States which also has the reputation of being quite dangerous. According to recent studies, over 100,000 injuries and 300,000 accidents involving long haul and large trucks occurred in 2012. Such statistics have led to Time Magazine listing long-haul trucking as one of the riskiest jobs of 2014, firmly securing the number eight spot. With that in mind, truckers should make an effort to observe a few safe driving tips that can keep their commutes accident free.

Pay Extra Attention to Blind Spots

Long haul truckers should always pay extra attention to their blind spots because other drivers tend not to. When on the highway, most passenger vehicle drivers don’t realize just how big large truck blind spots are. They assume that since they can see the truck’s cab that the driver in the cab can see them. This isn’t true, and truckers should be extra careful to avoid colliding with such drivers. They can do so by restricting their commutes to the far right lane to block off drivers from traveling in their biggest blind spot.

Slow Down in Work Zones

Truckers should know that nearly one-third of work zone accidents involve large trucks. This is likely because it is much harder to come to a complete stop for commercial trucks — especially after reaching highway speeds — than it is for other vehicles. Drivers should be extra aware in these zones and start slowing down from the first notification of a construction zone to avoid an accident.

Don’t Stack Cargo too High

This tip isn’t about the cargo falling over and causing accidents. It turns out that the higher drivers stack their loads, the more drag there is on the truck. Truckers should stack cargo lower and spread it out evenly over the truck bed. This will allow the truck to be more nimble and also improve fuel efficiency.

Get Plenty of Rest

While most of these tips are about the truck itself, drivers need to look out after themselves as well. One can easily prevent many causes of accidents by getting the amount of sleep necessary to endure a long haul. Driving on very little sleep is a prominent cause of long-haul trucker issues. A driver who is running off of no sleep is more likely to get into more accidents over the course of a year than a driver who gets adequate rest.

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