A truck accident can be a horrific experience that you’re sure to never want to repeat. Most passenger car drivers are fearful of the possibility of getting into an accident with a big truck, and when it happens, they’re thankful to be alive. As with anything, the more you know about truck accidents the better; especially if you’ve recently been in one of these types of accidents.

Let’s talk about some of the different types of truck accidents that are possible. As you will see, many of these accidents are caused because of driver errors or negligence.

Jackknifing: Most truck drivers live in fear of jackknifing because they completely lose control of their trucks. However, some of those same truck drivers regularly participate in driving activities that cause jackknifing, putting themselves and the other vehicles around them in immediate danger. Jackknifing occurs when the driver puts on his brakes on a slick surface and the cab slows down or stops but the trailer keeps going and moves around to the side. Think of a Swiss Army knife. It’s the same premise. Jackknifing is likely to occur when a trucker is driving too fast in the snow or in heavy rainfall conditions. His trailer can cause serious damage to the cars around him.

Under ride Accidents: All truckers are responsible for maintaining their trailers to prevent underride accidents, but not all of them do. These accidents occur when a car drives underneath the back of the trailer and becomes lodged there. As you know, most of a vehicle’s safety features are located below the windshield, which means serious injuries can result from an underride accident. There are several preventative measures truckers can use to keep underride accidents from happening, but not all companies enforce them. Using reflective tape and lights along the back and sides of a trailer is beneficial as is installing an underride bar just below the trailer.

No-Zone Accidents: Large trucks have blind spots that are even bigger than a car’s blind spot, and although their mirrors do a pretty good job of telling them what’s coming along each side of them, it would be nearly impossible to take away every blind spot. As a result, truckers are taught to look carefully at all times to ensure that they always know what type of vehicle is coming into or moving out of their blind spots, using their mirrors. If they fail to do this and the truck changes lanes, an accident can occur if a car is in the blind spot. These no-zone accidents are very common, and they often cause serious injuries.

Overload Accidents: Did you know that large trucks are often twenty-five times heavier than the average car? That might seem like a lot, but it’s true. However, some trucking companies will apply for and receive permits for very heavy loads that make their trucks even heavier. Eighteen-wheel garbage trucks are an excellent example of this. The heavier a vehicle is, the more difficult it is for it to come to a stop. Also, some trucking companies ignore the rules set forth by the DOT with regard to how heavy their drivers’ loads can be, and it’s not uncommon for them to overload them anyway. Doing so can result in loss of or impaired control for the driver, broken axles or a host of other issues that can all lead to a serious accident on the road.

There are many other factors that can lead to truck accidents as well. Distracted driving, falling asleep at the wheel, failure to signal properly, turning improperly or even impaired driving all are reasons why many truck drivers get into accidents.

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