August 4, 2017 steve

Uber Launches Truck Freight App

The recent launch of Uber Freight corroborated claims made by CEO Travis Kalanick that their goal was to “[reinvent] transportation.”

This innovative service is the newest offshoot of Uber—with the objective of eliminating the middleman and linking shippers with truckers. The new app lists all routes and jobs available for the driver. The driver can also see the contents of the load and the compensation for the haul. Once they arrive and deliver the contents of the load, they can reopen the app and find their next job.

The Details of ‘Uber Freight’

Uber claims that the drivers will be paid upon delivery and that this new app will “level the playing field” for trucking companies. With their experience in disrupting the global taxi market, Uber is confident they will be able to adapt the business of long-haul freight to a new, futuristic ideal.

One feature that will bring this industry to the modern era is Uber’s willingness to pay a $75 detention fee if a driver has to wait longer than the two-hour mark. Another is the employment of GPS that will allow the app to track the progress of the load in order to keep shippers updated on its delivery.

Uber Has New Competition

However, Uber will have competition breaking into this market. For example, Cargomatic uses algorithms to connect separate entities with similar needs for freight transportation and handles all financial processes—from billing to payment.

It makes sense that Uber is expanding into this market. According to Convoy CEO Dan Lewis, the world of freight shipping is “ripe for improvement.” He further claims that “anything that makes the middle work faster… saves money at both ends.”

Even Amazon has plans to dive into the freight market. It is reportedly working on a service similar to Cargomatic and Uber that will connect drivers to companies with delivery needs.

However, the lofty goals Uber has set in regards to their involvement in this new market are not unmet with difficulties. After acquiring Otto—a company integral to the forward movement of Uber Freight—Uber has been thrust into a legal battle with Google’s Anthony Levandowski, who may have been utilizing Otto as a coverup to steal Google’s self-driving technology and bring it to Uber.

This new, exciting service is convenient to many, but can increase the number of truck drivers on the road which create dangerous driving conditions. If you are inured in a truck accident, contact Truck Wreck Lawyers for a helping hand. We can get you in touch with an experienced truck accident attorney in your area. Call us today at (888) 854-8989 for a free case evaluation.

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