Trucking accidents are a serious business. The weight and size of a truck, whether it’s a tractor trailer, a semi-truck or 18-wheeler, can cause enormous damage to an automobile during a wreck. These kind of accidents are obviously very serious and also very expensive, which is why any truck driver in the White Plains, NY area who’s been in an accident should immediately call a lawyer who specializes in these types of accidents. This is true no matter the extent of the driver’s injuries.

Accidents with trucks can involve many factors, which is why these types of cases are very complicated. A lawyer who know the laws regarding truck accidents will be able to carefully review the issues involved and make a strategy for the client. Some of the pertinent factors can include the number of hours a driver had been on the road at the time of the accident, and how many days in a row they had been working. The truck’s size and weight would also be a factor, as well as the insurance company’s policies. Though some areas do allow truckers to drive shifts as long as 10 to 15 hours, that information would have to part of the case review.

Pre-Trip Inspection

Another very important factor in a trucking accident case is the pre-trip inspection. This inspection is critical for the safety of the truck, and the driver is responsible for seeing that this is done before every trip. The inspection would include checking the truck’s top and bottom lights and reflectors, as well as the vehicle’s windows and mirrors. A trucking lawyer will take a careful look at the truck’s pre-inspection record, as negligence on the part of the driver can make the driver liable in an accident.

As the case for a trucking accident goes forward, having an experienced trucking lawyer involved is crucial. After an accident, a driver should immediately have a medical exam to check for injuries (whether they are obvious or not), and they should retain an experienced lawyer.

Dealing with the aftermath of a trucking accident is not easy. If you’ve been in an accident in White Plains, NY, call an experienced trucking lawyer today.

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