Truck traffic and accidents involving these large vehicles are both familiar to the residents of Yonkers, N.Y. The victims of such accidents and their families will undoubtedly require financial compensation to cover the costs of their injuries and related personal suffering. It is the truck accident attorney who can be of great benefit to those directly or indirectly affected by these frightening crashes.

Although trucks have lower accident rates than automobiles, they can be considerably more hazardous in the event of a crash. The size and weight of big rigs make them particularly dangerous to the occupants of smaller vehicles, which greatly increases the risk of injury and, in turn, the financial cost of the accident. The nature of their operation can also make truck crashes far more complex than other types of traffic accidents, a fact that can increase the complexity of a lawsuit stemming from a wreck.

Various state and federal laws have been implemented for the purpose of enhancing truck safety. These regulations pertain to such issues as driver duty limits, the distribution of loads carried by trucks and the use of certain safety features. Trucks are also supposed to be examined before every trip, with particular emphasis on the inspection of their engine components and axles, and drivers who fail to follow this requirement may be liable to damages in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, these regulations are often violated by truck operators and their drivers, and even the proper adherence to prescribed safety guidelines will not prevent every accident.

After a crash, the victims and others involved should first deal with anyone who has suffered any degree of physical harm. Since they may have long-term effects if not properly treated, even minor injuries should be given proper medical attention. It will also be wise for the victims to seek legal representation.

Attorneys who are experienced in Yonkers truck accident cases understand the laws of New York and the workings of the industry and its insurance providers. Using the law to the benefit of their clients, they will strive to obtain the damages that are required. A lawyer will examine every element of an accident, including the driver, the vehicle and even road conditions, in order to determine both cause and culpability. Working tirelessly, a personal injury attorney can help guarantee that the victims of truck accidents receive the justice to which they are entitled.

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