Traffic accidents in Ohio are unfortunately far too common, and when one of the vehicles involved in the accident is a tractor trailer, a semi-truck, or an 18-wheeler, the impact can result in catastrophic damage and injuries. Truck accident victims know how severe the injuries and extensive the expenses can be. When a victim a truck accident is focusing on rehabilitating and recovering from their injuries, they should have an expert Youngstown truck accident attorney fighting to ensure that all of their rights are protected and that they receive their just compensation.

A truck accident lawsuit is a complex and challenging process requiring a unique legal skillset. Qualified Youngstown truck accident attorneys must have the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully litigate every aspect of any truck accident lawsuit. A truck accident lawsuit will require an in depth investigation into the specific circumstances of the accident. Every accident is different and requires a diligent and thorough investigation. Every truck accident lawsuit requires an investigation of every detail of the accident, including the duration of the truck driver’s driving shift the day of the accident, the driver’s driving history leading up to the accident, and whether the driver properly performed a preliminary inspection of the truck prior to accident. The attorney investigation must also include a determination of the weight of the truck and its weight distribution at the time of impact.

Specific laws and regulations dictate not only the duration that a truck driver may be permitted to be on the road, but also the steps that every driver must take to fully inspect the truck before each and every trip. The truck driver and the truck driver’s company must be investigated to determine whether the driver properly inspected every reflector, every light, every mirror and every window before the accident.

Immediately following any truck accident, the injured person should seek medical assistance, regardless of the severity of the injuries. Oftentimes injuries, even serious injuries, can be undetected immediately following an accident. In every instance, medical assistance should be sought immediately following a truck accident. As soon as possible after acquiring medical assistance, every victim of a truck accident should contact a qualified Youngstown truck accident attorney.

A qualified truck accident attorney in Youngstown has an extensive knowledge of the laws and the experience to investigate every fact to establish a winning case. Our attorneys are experts in litigating truck accident lawsuits, and we have the breadth of knowledge of every applicable state and federal regulation to fight for your rights and your just compensation.

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